Best Restaurants In F-10 Islamabad

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Islamabad

When it comes to finding the best restaurants in any city, Islamabad boasts a vibrant culinary scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. In particular, F-10, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the capital city of Pakistan, is home to a plethora of exceptional dining establishments. From cozy cafes serving delectable brunches to fine-dining experiences offering international cuisine, F-10 has become a hub for food enthusiasts seeking memorable gastronomic adventures.

With its picturesque surroundings and upscale atmosphere, F-10 offers an ideal setting for locals and tourists alike to indulge in a diverse range of culinary delights. Whether you’re craving traditional Pakistani dishes bursting with aromatic spices or yearning for flavors from around the globe, this neighborhood has something for everyone.


Tandoori Restaurant

One of the top restaurants in F-10, Islamabad is the Tandoori Restaurant. Known for its authentic and flavorful tandoori dishes, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience. The menu at Tandoori Restaurant boasts an extensive selection of tandoori specialties, from mouthwatering kebabs to perfectly cooked naan bread.

  • The star attraction of the Tandoori Restaurant is their delicious tandoori chicken. Marinated in a blend of yogurt and spices, the chicken is then cooked in a traditional clay oven or tandoor, resulting in tender meat with a smoky flavor that is hard to resist. Another popular dish on their menu is the seekh kebab – succulent skewers of minced meat seasoned with aromatic spices and grilled to perfection.
  • Apart from its delectable tandoori offerings, the restaurant also serves a variety of vegetarian dishes such as paneer tikka and mixed vegetable curry. With its warm ambiance and attentive service, dining at Tandoori Restaurant is an experience that will satisfy both your taste buds and your craving for authentic Indian cuisine.


Chattha’s is one of the most popular restaurants in F-10, Islamabad, known for its delicious and authentic Pakistani cuisine. With a cozy and inviting ambiance, Chattha’s offers an unforgettable dining experience to its customers. The restaurant specializes in traditional dishes such as biryani, karahi, and kebabs, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

  • One of the standout dishes at Chattha’s is their famous mutton karahi. Cooked to perfection in a blend of aromatic spices and tender meat pieces, this dish is a true delight for meat lovers. The flavors are rich and robust, leaving a lingering taste that keeps customers coming back for more.
  • In addition to their mouthwatering food, Chattha’s also boasts excellent service and friendly staff who ensure that every customer feels welcomed and well taken care of. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy a family meal or celebrate a special occasion with friends, Chattha’s is definitely worth considering when exploring the best restaurants in F-10 Islamabad.


One of the most popular and highly recommended restaurants in F-10, Islamabad is Ramak. Known for its exquisite ambiance and exceptional cuisine, Ramak has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from traditional Pakistani delicacies to international cuisines, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate.

  • The menu at Ramak is carefully curated to offer a diverse selection of options, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians. The chefs at the restaurant are known for their culinary expertise and attention to detail, ensuring that each dish is prepared with utmost care and precision. Whether you’re craving a juicy steak or a flavorful vegetarian curry, you can be sure that Ramak will deliver an unforgettable dining experience.
  • In addition to its delectable food offerings, Ramak also boasts a charming atmosphere that adds to the overall dining experience. The restaurant features elegant interiors with comfortable seating arrangements, making it an ideal place for intimate gatherings or special occasions. With its impeccable service and top-notch food quality, it’s no wonder why Ramak stands out as one of the best restaurants in F-10, Islamabad.

Janaan Restaurant

Janaan Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of F-10, Islamabad. Known for its delectable cuisine and warm ambiance, it has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to all taste buds, ranging from traditional Pakistani dishes to international delights.

  • One of the standout dishes at Janaan Restaurant is their Biryani. Prepared with fragrant basmati rice and tender meat, it is cooked to perfection with a blend of aromatic spices that tantalize the senses. Another crowd-pleaser is their succulent kebabs, which are grilled to perfection and served with flavorful chutneys.
  • The attentive staff at Janaan Restaurant ensures that every guest feels welcomed and taken care of. The cozy interior creates an inviting atmosphere where diners can relax and enjoy their meals. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or a family gathering, Janaan Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience in F-10, Islamabad.

The Street One Kitchen

One of the best restaurants in F-10 Islamabad is The Street One Kitchen. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious food, this eatery offers a unique dining experience to its patrons. Located in a bustling area, it attracts locals and tourists alike with its diverse menu options.

  • The Street One Kitchen prides itself on serving an array of cuisines from around the world. From Italian pasta to Chinese stir-fried dishes, this restaurant has something for everyone. Their menu also includes traditional Pakistani delicacies such as biryani and kebabs, cooked to perfection using authentic spices and flavors.
  • What sets The Street One Kitchen apart is not just its delectable food but also its aesthetically pleasing ambiance. The interior décor is modern yet cozy, with warm lighting and comfortable seating arrangements. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a fancy dinner with friends or family, this restaurant caters to all occasions.

Overall, The Street One Kitchen stands out among the top restaurants in F-10 Islamabad due to its diverse menu, quality food, and inviting atmosphere. With excellent customer service and reasonable prices, it promises an enjoyable dining experience for anyone visiting the area.

Chick And Rice Restuarant

One of the best restaurants in F-10, Islamabad is Chick and Rice. This restaurant offers a unique dining experience with their delicious and flavorful chicken and rice dishes. The menu is diverse, offering a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

  • Whether you are craving traditional Pakistani flavors or looking for something more international, Chick and Rice has got you covered. Their signature dish, the Chicken Biryani, is a must-try for all biryani lovers. The aromatic rice cooked with tender chicken pieces and infused with spices will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.
  • In addition to their mouthwatering chicken dishes, Chick and Rice also offer vegetarian options for those who prefer plant-based meals. Their Veggie Pulao is a delightful combination of fragrant rice cooked with an assortment of vegetables, resulting in a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Overall, Chick and Rice restaurant in F-10 Islamabad stands out among the best eateries in the area due to their delectable chicken and rice offerings that cater to various dietary preferences. Whether you are visiting with friends or family, this restaurant guarantees a memorable dining experience filled with delicious flavors that will keep you coming back for more.


In conclusion, F-10 Islamabad offers a diverse range of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences. From traditional Pakistani cuisine to international flavors, there is something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood. The top-rated restaurants in F-10 not only excel in delivering exceptional food but also provide an inviting ambiance and excellent service.

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or a casual meal with friends and family, the restaurants in F-10 have got you covered. With their extensive menus and impeccable presentation, these establishments ensure that every visit is a memorable one. Moreover, the use of high-quality ingredients and skilled chefs further enhance the overall dining experience.

Overall, exploring the culinary scene of F-10 can be an exciting adventure for food enthusiasts. The combination of delicious food, warm hospitality, and charming surroundings make it an ideal destination for locals and tourists alike. So next time you find yourself in Islamabad’s F-10 sector, be sure to indulge your taste buds at one of these fantastic restaurants!

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